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Research Nieuwenhuis Institute for Educational Research Inclusive and Special Needs Education and Child and Family Welfare


In all our research we focus on the domains described below.

Participation and inclusion of individuals with challenging needs is the point of departure of our expertise group. We focus on different target groups in our research, for example individuals with severe and multiple disabilities, individuals with specific learning and educational problems, and individuals with social- emotional and behavioural difficulties. In this, we focus on both the primary and secondary prevention and the curation of these difficulties from a theory-driven and practice-oriented perspective. Many of our research is in strong collaboration with practice.

Another strong emphasis in our research is on data modelling techniques. This research team focuses more specifically on applying, refining and developing measurement and data modelling techniques that are relevant in assessing and developing interventions for individuals with special needs; while taking into account environmental features. Our team members are specialised in Item Response modelling, Statistical modelling, complex adaptive system (time-serial) techniques, computerised adaptive testing and intervention design.

In order to implement our knowledge in practice, our expertise group has set up different Research Centers on specific research domains:

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