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ResearchNieuwenhuis Institute for Educational ResearchFields of ExpertiseEducation in Culture: History and Philosophy of Education

Education in Culture: History and Philosophy of Education

The focus is on long-term developments in their cultural environment of both teaching and learning, and parenting and caring for two themes that also form the backbone for the expertise group's master track Ethics of Education: Philosophy, History and Law.

  1. Education and cultural transmission examines how children and youngsters are prepared for society by education in the family, with special attention for child rearing advice, parenting support, and children's literature, and at school, with special attention for educational policies and innovation, e.g. comprehensive education, Dalton, for citizenship education, and for lifelong learning during the life cycle.
  2. Children at risk focuses on shifting and widening concepts of risks and abuse and their societal implementation, and on shifting meanings and interpretations of the best interests of the child. Special attention is given to the various sometimes conflicting interests of, among others, parents, professionals, educational institutions, the state, and educational sciences, when the best interests of children are at stake, to the impact of (bio)medicalization of child-rearing, among other forms of professionalization and scientization, to historical abuse in child caring and out-of-home institutions and foster families, and to risks for the best interest of the child by new media. In this interdisciplinary research, historical and philosophical approaches are combined in the examination of long-term educational developments and contribute to the university's focal area Sustainable Society. The expertise group EC collaborates through collective PhD-projects with the three other NI-expertise groups and with three Universities of Applied Sciences (Saxion, Windesheim, NHL), and through collective research and publication projects with national and international expertise groups, institutes and associations for History of Education, Philosophy of Education, Cultural History and Criminology. With its scientific and societal products, the expertise group addresses the targets of the NI programme.
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