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Within the Nieuwenhuis Institute there are four research programmes:

Four Research Programs

Education in culture, led by Prof. Dr J.J.H. Dekker and Prof. Dr M.C. Timmerman Information Members Research Program

Developmental and behavioural disorders in education and care: assessment and intervention, led jointly by Prof. dr. H. Grietens , Prof. dr. E.J. Knorth, Prof. dr. A.E.M.G. Minnaert and Prof. dr. C. Vlaskamp

Information Members Research Program

Research and evaluation of educational effectiveness, led jointly by Prof. dr. M.P.C. van der Werf and Prof. dr. R.J. Bosker

Information Members Research Program

Teaching and teacher education, led by prof.dr. Klaas van Veen



The fourth program is located at the department of teaching & teacher education, also within the faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences.

Annex to the Nieuwenhuis Institute there is one research centre within the department:

  • GION, the Groningen Institute for Educational Research, that focuses on contract research in the foundational phases of institutionalized education.
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