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Dutch Astronomers Gather Further 1500 Hours With The SPITZER SPACE TELESCOPE

09 August 2016

A team of astronomers led by Dr. Ivo Labbé (Leiden) and co-led by Prof. Karina Caputi (Groningen) have been awarded 1500 h of observing time in the Spitzer Space Telescope cycle 13 round for the Frontier Science Program "Completing the Legacy of Spitzer/IRAC over COSMOS".

This observing time is another major success for Dutch extragalactic infrared astronomy. Caputi and Labbé are currently leading two ongoing Spitzer Exploration Science Programs, which were awarded 1776 h and 733 h in Spitzer cycle 11, respectively.


Last modified:09 August 2016 2.27 p.m.

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