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Vacancy: 14 postdoc positions at UG Humanities faculties

18 July 2022

In the context of the sectoral plan for the Humanities entitled ‘Tradition in transition’ and the University’s strategic profile, the three Humanities faculties of the University of Groningen are offering 14 postdoc positions.

The Faculties of Arts (FoA), of Theology and Religious Studies (FThRS) and Philosophy (FPh) are looking for expertise and experience in the fields of humane AI, cultural heritage & identity, languages & cultures, and communication, information & social inequalities in a digital world. We invite ambitious academics to apply for the following positions within these themes:

Humane AI – Data and Platforms for Social, Cultural and Economic Innovation: 4 positions
Vacancy number 222475-78
1. Targeted Generation with Small Data (FoA) (application form
2. Model Exposure and Adaptation to Less Represented Varieties and Communities (FoA) (application form
3. Digital platforms, Algorithms and Informed Citizenship (FoA) (application form
4. The Responsible Use of AI (FPh) (application form
Prof. Malvina Nissim, email: m.nissim

Cultural Heritage and Identity – Material and Intangible Heritage: 3 positions
Vacancy number 222479-81
1. Heritage, Identity, and Nature (FoA) (application form
2. Digital Heritage: Inclusivity, Innovation, and Curation (FoA) (application form
3. Contested Cultural Heritage and Identity Formation Processes (FoA) (application form
Dr Lidewijde de Jong, email:

Cultural Heritage and Identity – Creative Industries, Media and Popular Culture: 2 positions
Vacancy number 222482-83
1. Platforms, Cultural Consumption and Taste Formation (FoA) (application form
2. Cultural Archives, Digital Collections, Identity Formation, and Care for Heritage (FoA) (application form
Prof. Susan Aasman, email: s.i.aasman

Languages and Cultures: Language in Cultural-Political Contexts: 4 positions
Vacancy number 222484-87
1. Discourse, Communication, and Sustainability (FoA) (application form
2. The Language of Education (FoA) (application form
3. Discursive, Linguistic and Cultural Practices in Democratic Societal Transformations (FoA) (application form
4. The Role of Language in Defining International Relations (FoA) (application form
Prof. Merel Keijzer, email: m.c.j.keijzer

Communication, Information and Social Inequalities in a Digital World: 1 position
Vacancy number 222488
1. Media and Digital In- and Exclusion (FoA) (application form
Prof. Marcel Broersma, email: m.j.broersma

Your research will be embedded in the relevant research institute of the respective faculty. You will set up research collaborations with colleagues both within the UG and from other Dutch Humanities faculties, in order to develop a research agenda, and draw up a substantial grant proposal within the relevant theme. You will also teach in our Bachelor's and/or Master's degree programmes. For all positions the appointment is divided into 80% research and 20% teaching.

The application deadline is 28 August 2022.

Last modified:31 January 2024 10.06 a.m.

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