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Come and join the Young ARts Network (YARN)!

30 May 2018

The Young ARts Network (YARN) is looking for new members! In order to further strengthen the function of the Faculty of Arts as a breeding ground for talent, a year ago the Faculty Board decided to set up a body for (and by) early career scientists: YARN. YARN consists of at least 8 members, including the faculty members of the University’s Young Academy Groningen (YAG): Nanna Haug Hilton, Merel Keijzer, Joost Keizer, Saskia Peels, Bettina Reitz-Joosse and Martijn Wieling. We are looking for several new members who are interested in organizing faculty-wide events, learning more about the other disciplines in this faculty and want to think about research and education policy in our faculty.

What does the Young Arts Network do?

YARN brings together enthusiastic, ambitious and talented junior (early career) scientific staff to:

  • stimulate interdisciplinary cooperation (both in education and research);
  • promote exchanges of experience and best practices (both in education and research);
  • help new colleagues find their way both within the faculty organization and in their careers;
  • give early career academic staff a voice in the faculty research and education policy.

The members of YARN undertake, among other things, the following activities:

  • Co-organizing faculty research and discussion meetings;
  • Providing interdisciplinary peer support in the preparation of research proposals;
  • Consultation with the Dean and advising the Faculty Board.

Who can apply?

The YARN is looking for members who meet the following conditions and criteria:

  • Academic staff member (Postdoc, UD, UHD, Hgl) of the Faculty of Arts with an appointment at least until September 1, 2020;
  • The date of obtaining your doctorate should be no more than 10 years before the start of the YARN membership (starting date first year: September 1, 2018). This period can be extended by a maximum of two years in case of pregnancy (18 months per child for a mother, 6 months for the father) or sickness (in case of formal reduction of working hours);
  • Highly motivated to spend time on YARN activities (i.e. organize at least 1 activity per year);
  • Being a good researcher and/or teacher within your peer group.

The aim is to achieve a balanced distribution of expertise (research, teaching, etc.) within the YARN. Also, the representation of various disciplines based on the differences between the three faculty research institutes (GIA, CLCG and ICOG) is taken into account: the aim is that each institute is represented by at least two members. The YARN membership appointment is for two years.

How can I apply?

Interested candidates are asked to submit two documents:

  • A short motivation letter (max. 1 A4) indicating why you would like to join YARN and what your ideas are for helping to develop YARN (e.g., which activities would you like to organize);
  • A curriculum vitae (max. 2 A4) in which you mention – in addition to your contact information and doctorate completion date – relevant indicators of quality with respect to research, education and societal impact.

Please note that your application will be reviewed by a committee of YARN members. Applications can be submitted by e-mail to Frank

Deadline for submission: Friday, June 21.

Last modified:30 May 2018 11.11 a.m.

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