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Research Heymans Institute Traffic and Environmental Psychology (Verkeerspsychologie, Omgevingspsychologie)

Lighting and Signs

Traffic signs are supposed to guide people to their destination, or to give information about local restrictions.Although many people will use GPS to guide them, signs are still used to verify choices made.

Legibility of signs depends amongst others on lighting. We have studied the legibility of retroreflective signs, and curently study the effect of low power green lighting on traffic participant behaviour and feelings of safety.

Relevant projects/links:

Green Light in Assen (Dutch)


Dick de Waard

Karel Brookhuis
Dick de Waard
Linda Steg
Janet Veldstra


retroreflective signs
Retroreflective sign as evaluated in this study
groen licht
Green streetlight in the Asserbos in Assen
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