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Research Heymans Institute Traffic and Environmental Psychology (Verkeerspsychologie, Omgevingspsychologie)


HFES Europe Chapter

Every year the HFES Europe Chapter congres takes place in Europe, from 2022 on in April. In 2023 the meeting was in Liverpool (with a keynote by prof. Frank Flemisch). In 2024 the meeting will take place in Lübeck. Find out more here.


August 29-31 2012 the University of Groningen and UMCG hosted the International Conference on Traffic and Transport Psychology, ICTTP 2012. Augustus 2-5 2016 the 6th ICTTP conference took place in Brisbane, Australia, and in 2022 VTI has hosted the conference in Gothenburg, Sweden. The next conference is scheduled for 2024 in Israel.

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