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Arctic and Antarctic Studies

Group Photo Arctic Centre
Group Photo Arctic Centre

About the Research Group

The AAS Research Group is housed at the Arctic Centre, which was founded in 1970, and conducts inter-disciplinary research into the world’s higher-latitude regions. The Archaeology of the Circumpolar Regions has always played a central role in its research operations, and this leads to its institutional embedding within GIA. It hosts an expanding community of PhD and Post-Doc researchers in Circumpolar Archaeology, and the scope of current research projects now extends from deeper prehistory through to the recent past, and cover the full Circumpolar North, stretching from Alaska and the Aleutians, through to Greenland, Svalbard, Northern Eurasia and the Sea of Okhotsk. The Arctic Centre is always looking to recruit new archaeological research talent to help strengthen and diversify its current thematic and geographical coverage. It collaborates closely with the Centre for Isotope Research at the University of Groningen, and also with several leading centres of Archaeological Science across Northern Europe, via the ERC Horizon2020 PhD Innovative Training Network ‘ArchSci2020’. In addition to archaeologists, the Arctic Centre also hosts anthropologists, biologists, ecologists, environmental- and social scientists, and many of these researchers represent the Netherlands as Expert Advisors in the Working Groups of the Arctic Council and the International Arctic Science Committee.



Prof. dr. P.D. (Peter) Jordan Dr. M.J.J.E. (Maarten) Loonen
Dr. F. (Frits) Steenhuisen

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. S.P.A. (Sean) Desjardins Expertise: Environmental archaeology; zooarchaeology; ethnoarchaeology; human ecology; Arctic North American prehistory; Neo-Inuit culture; traditional ecological knowledge and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit


M. (Marjolein) Admiraal M.A. 2015-2019 Prof. dr. P.D. Jordan Prehistoric food technologies, maritime adaptations and climate change in the North Pacific
M. (Manon) Bondetti 20106-2020 Prof. dr. P.D. Jordan / Oliver Craig (BioArch, University of York) ArchSci2020: Understanding the ‘Aquatic Neolithic’ of the North European Boreal Forest
Ö. (Özge) Demirci 2016-2020 Prof. dr. P.D. Jordan / Prof. dr. D.C.M. Raemaekers ArchSci2020: Diversity and function of early hunter-gatherer pottery in NW Europe
S.J. (Sarah) Dresscher M.A. 2014-2017 Prof. dr. L. Hacquebord and Prof. dr. P.D. Jordan Surviving off the land and sea: understanding the expansion of European commercial hunting systems into the High Arctic – a case-study of Pomors on Spitsbergen (18th – first half 19th century)
J. (Jack) Dury 2016-2020 Prof. dr. P.D. Jordan / Gunilla Ericksson (University of Stockholm) ArchSci2020: Correcting for radiocarbon reservoir effects in prehistoric human and faunal skeletal remains in Northern Eurasia
Drs. U. (Ulf) Gustafsson 2007-2011 Prof. dr. L. Hacquebord The exploitation of natural resources by the early 20th century whaling industry; its impact on the environment and the geo-political situation in the Polar Regions
Drs. H.R. (Hidde) de Haas 2007-2011 Prof. dr. L. Hacquebord The coal exploitation of the Dutch Spitsbergen Coal Company (NESPICO) in Green Harbour, Spitsbergen, in its national and international context
E. (Eirik) Haug Roe 2016-2020 Prof. dr. P.D. Jordan / Martin Appelt (National Museum of Denmark) Early Dorset Culture in Greenland: Lifeways and Technological Traditions
M. (Margje) de Jong 2014-2018 Dr. M. Loonen and Prof. dr. P.D. Jordan From historical data to a prediction of the future for geese on Arctic tundra
A. (Aripekka) Junno 2016-2020 Prof. dr. P.D. Jordan / Sven Isaaksson (University of Stockholm) ArchSci2020: Human-Animal Relations in the Okhotsk Culture of Northeast Asia
M. (Madison) Llewellin 2016-2020 Prof. dr. P.D. Jordan / Sven Isaaksson (University of Stockholm) ArchSci2020: Direct AMS dating of early pottery in Northern Eurasia
X. (Xenia) Weber 2016-2020 Prof. dr. P.D. Jordan / Morten Tange Olsen (Natural History Museum of Denmark) ArchSci2020: Ancient DNA insights into long-term human exploitation of Atlantic walrus

Visiting Researchers

Jorien Vonk Postdoctoral Fellow Terrestrial and Coastal Biogeochemistry

Ontdooiend permafrost: Effect van ontdooiende permafrost in poolgebieden op klimaat

Roza Laptander PhD Researcher Sociolinguistics, Nenets language, Linguistic anthropology ORHELIA project: Nenets reindeer herders in the Yamal Peninsula
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