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Laboratory for Conservation & Material Studies

Dr. Bert Nijboer

Albert Nijboer is lecturer in Conservation, Material Studies and Protohistory of Italy (1200-300 BC) at the Groningen Institute of Archaeology (GIA) of the University of Groningen (UG). His research focuses on Material Studies and the archaeology of Italy where he has been involved in excavations from the early 1980’s onwards. In 1998 he obtained his PhD with the publication of his thesis entitled “From Household Production to Workshops. Archaeological evidence for economic transformation, pre-monetary exchange and urbanization in central Italy from 800 to 400 BC ”. Since the past years he also investigates the absolute chronology of mainly Italy for the period 1200 to 700 BC using the scientific dating methods as well as archaeological information of the contexts investigated. In addition he coordinates the activities of the Laboratory for Conservation and Material Studies (LCM) of the GIA.

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Gert van Oortmerssen, M.A.

Gert van Oortmerssen is conservator and analyst in the Laboratory for Conservation and Material Studies (LCM), Department of Archaeology (GIA), University of Groningen.  As such he is involved in research, conservation and restoration on artefacts from excavatations of the GIA. He is specialised in restoration and conservation of ceramics and metals. Furthermore Gert van Oortmerssen is an artist (paintings). For images of his work and for more information, visit his website. The site is to a large extent in Dutch.

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