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Research Groningen Institute of Archaeology Research GIA Laboratories and collections Laboratory for Conservation & Material Studies

Provision of services

Laboratory for Conservation & Material Studies

The LCM can carry out conservation work or analyses in commission. For example:

Conservation and restoration

  • metal artefacts: gold, silver, copper alloys, iron, zinc, lead, tin
  • glass en ceramics: terracotta, stoneware, porcelain
  • stone-artefacts
  • organic materials like bone, leather, wood (with exception of freeze drying)


  • fabric analysis on ceramics: investigation of the composition and additions to clays used for the preparation of ceramics: preparation and analysis of thin sections of ceramics/stones
  • metallographic analysis of metals: investigation of alloys and manufacturing techniques of metals

Assignments include a report on applied conservation method and materials, photographic documentation and recommendations on handling, storage (passive conservation) and exposition.


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The LCM works according to the guidelines Quality Dutch Archaeology as provided by the Dutch Government. At the LCM conservation and restoration work is done according to E.C.C.O. professional guidelines (code of ethics). Gert van Oortmerssen is a member of the association of professional restorers in the Netherlands ( RN ).

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