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Research Master in Philosophy

The Research Master in Philosophy provides a thorough training in philosophical research. It gives you the skills to analyse complex arguments and problems, and the ability to present ideas in a clear and rigorous manner. It prepares you to do a PhD in philosophy and provides vital skills for other jobs where research skills are needed.
Research Master's degree programme in Philosophy
Research Master's degree programme in Philosophy

Students choose one of three specializations: history of philosophy, theoretical philosophy, or ethics, social and political philosophy. But the curriculum is flexible and allows you to pursue your own interests.

Groningen's internationally renowned staff have expertise in most areas of philosophy, with particular strengths in early modern philosophy, ethics, metaethics, social and political philosophy, philosophy of mind, (formal) epistemology, logic, and the philosophy of science.

Attractions of the Research Master in Groningen

  • Students can apply for paid Teaching Assistantships (with priority for Research Master students).
  • Half of the tuition fee for non-EU students is covered by the Faculty of Philosophy.
  • Two talent grants for the best applicants from outside the EU of €5000 per year.
  • Two fully funded PhD positions reserved for students of our Research Master every year, and more positions available in an open competition with outside applicants.

Please find all (additional) information on this programme on the University of Groningen's master pages

Application & Admission

Fact sheet application & admissions procedure RM Philosophy

Inquiries about the programme and entry requirements should be sent to our student advisor, via .

Please note

If you are a non-EU national (from a country outside of the European Union), additional requirements may apply. Please visit visa & immigration and obtain advice from Information Services .

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