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Research Graduate School for the Humanities PhD programme PhD Training

PhD Training

Graduate School for the Humanities

Members of the Graduate School for the Humanities follow a 30 ECTS training program, which they compose themselves, in accordance with their specific needs.

You training programme can consist of courses offered by:

PhD-candidates can also add their own training elements, including participation in international conferences and summer schools, and research visits to national and international centers of excellence.

Training program

The training program of the GSH comprises 7,5 ECTS of compulsory modules and up to 11,5 ECTS in further credits from optional modules.

PhD candidates are expected to add ECTS to the locally organized program through participation in courses organized by national research schools in their own field, or through other national and international activities. LOGOS offers an overview of all the national Dutch Research Schools in the Humanities.

The local training program can be found online and in the GSH information brochure.


Each workshop organised by the GSH has a registration deadline (to be found in the course descriptions on the website). This deadline is used to make the organisation of each workshop easier. Our aim is to create workshops tailored to the wishes and interests of a specific group of participants and an early registration deadline helps us to do so.


It is very important that you inform us when you are unable to attend a workshop. If you do not cancel your registration and also do not show up to a workshop, we are unfortunately obliged to let your research insitute pay the costs of your absence (illnesses/urgent matter excluded). Therefore, we want to stress the importance of cancelling your registration as early as possible.

Contact Konstantin Mierau or Mireya Harmsen with any questions about the programme or possible courses.

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