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Global Health

We focus on prevention and health of, among other things, mother and child. We investigate how children can grow up as healthy as possible in their first years of life. We also investigate the cost-effectiveness of drug use worldwide. How can medicines be developed and used as efficiently as possible, for a maximum health effect?

We are part of UMCG’s research institute SHARE and aligned with them we highly value societal impact at all levels: regional, national but mostly international. We design projects based on issues that emerge in practice, execute them in close connection with practice/societal partners and communicate the results with these parties. Clear examples are our projects on vaccinations at national and international levels with high media coverage and a direct impact on parliaments and vaccination policies. Also, our SUNI-SEA project is illustrative, performed within close collaboration with societal partners in Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam as well the international Help Age organisation.

More information about the Global Health Unit can be found on the UMCG Global Health Researchwebsite

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