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Research Department of Genetics PhD theses and Inaugural lectures
University Medical Center Groningen

Inaugural lectures

Prof. Jingyuan Fu, PhD
Professor of Systems Medicine
"The Wonderland of Our Genomes", 21 April 2023, in English

Prof. Alexandra Zhernakova, MD, PhD
Professor of the Human Genome and Exposome
"The Gut Microbiome: A universe inside us", 10 March 2023, in English

Prof. Anneke Lucassen , BMedSci, MBBS, DPhil (Oxon), FRCP
Holder of Johanna H. Bijtel chair for 2014-2016
"From mutation to relation", pdf of the lecture , 6 October 2014, in English

Prof. Rolf Sijmons, MD, PhD
Professor of Medical Translational Genetics
"Genomic Medicine: een toekomstige zorg?" volledig tekst, kaft, 3 December 2013

Prof. Conny MA van Ravenswaaij, MD, PhD
Professor of Clinical Dysmorphology, with special attention for genome analysis
"Bruggen bouwen in de genetica: van patiënt naar genoom en weer terug", volledig tekst, 15 May 2012

Prof. Richard J Sinke, PhD
Professor of Genome Analysis
"De volgende generatie: in de hoogste versnelling", volledig tekst, 4 March 2011

Prof. Irene M van Langen, MD, PhD
Professor of Clinical Genetics
"De volgende generatie: stilstaan zonder snelheid te verliezen", volledig tekst, 4 March 2011

Prof. Cisca Wijmenga, PhD
Professor of Human Genetics
"Wat is de waarde van ons DNA?", volledig tekst, 12 December 2008

Prof. Robert Hofstra, PhD
Hoogleraar Ontwikkelingsgenetica bij de mens
"Genen en grenzen", 9 sept. 2008

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