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Research GBB

Outreach activities

Through different channels we communicate with the public, the scientific community and industry. Below, please find a number of examples. Please contact Dr. Engel Vrieling, in case you are looking for a lecturer, interview partner or a lab to host high school students.

Communication with the broader public

We frequently give public lectures, for example

Science Cafe Deventer with Prof. Bert Poolman
Lecture Natuurwetenschappelijk Gezelschap Wageningen, Stapje voor stapje leven creëren, Prof. Bert Poolman (09-01-2019)

Articles in newspapers, magazines or websites, for example

Solving the protein puzzle, Prof. D.J. Slotboom,, 08-01-2020
Voorouderenzym laat zien hoe het moet, Prof. M.W. Fraaije, C2W 08-01-2020
Kunstmatige cel draait op eigen energiecentrale
, Prof. B. Poolman, Nemo Kennislink 20-09-2019
Kijk eens hoe mooi de cel van binnen is: de cryo-elektronenmicroscoop biedt schitterende en zeldzaam gedetailleerde beelden van de cel , Dr Cristina Paulino, NRC 09-06-2017

Interviews for radio and TV stations, for example

Dr. Sahar El Aidy, Podcast In Science. You can listen to In Science on Spotify ,Apple Podcast ,Stitcher or directly through our RSS feed .
Prof. Heinemann, Radio 1, 29.09.16, sleeping bacteria
Prof. Fraaije, Radio BNR, 23.02.17, enzyme-based production of plastics
Van Haastert en Kortholt 27.05.2016 News en Co (NOS)

Recent press releases on our work

Bringing the resolution revolution to Groningen: New electron microscope resolves structure of proteins, Dr. Cristina Paulino
How ribosomes shape the proteome, Prof. Bert Poolman
Taming living cells for industrial production, EU Project NICHE, Prof. Bert Poolman
Study shows active zinc uptake in bacteria, Dr. Albert Guskov
Groningen students against food loss: fermentation bacteria as virus betrayers?, iGEM team 2017, Prof. Dirk-Jan Scheffers, Prof Jan Kok, Dr. Andreas Milias Argeitis
Major advance in nanopore detection of peptides and proteins, Prof. Giovanni Maglia
Newly described process in Parkinson’s protein as a potential new therapy route, Dr. Arjan Kortholt
Complexe eiwitten onderzoek ik liever niet alleen,23/01/2017 , Dr. Arjan Kortholt

Social Media

GBB on Facebook

Educational activities for the public

Guest lectures

Presentatie op de AJC, Hoogezand, naar aanleiding van een project over de ziekte van Parkinson , Dr. Arjan Kortholt

Educating highschool teachers

NIBI zet Biologie op de kaart , Dr. Sahar El Aidy, Dr. Andy Mark Thunnissen, Prof. Bert Poolman
Werkstage docenten Bornego College, Heerenveen , Dr. M.C.A. Stuart, Drs. L. Hielkema

Podcasts and videos

iGEM team 2017
Enzyme Engineering - The ROBOX Project (movie was also in cinema and awarded a prize:,

Conference organization by GBB members

Biotrans 2019 (July,2019)
Fundamentals of Life in the Universe, Groningen (Aug, 2017),
19th International Flavins and Flavoproteins Symposium (July 2017),
NVBMB Symosium (June 2017),
5th International Conference on Novel Enzymes (Oct 2016)

Spin-off activities


Activities of iGEM teams


NVBMB prize Arjan Kortholt

More activities of GBB staff members can be found in the research database


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