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News and announcements relevant to CogniGron:

TitlePosted on
Maria Antonietta Loi Appointed Next Editor-in-Chief of Applied Physics Letters17 April 2024
Serte Donderwinkel soon a funded research member at Simons Laufer Mathematical Sciences Institute (Berkeley, USA)13 March 2024
Power women of the UG: Beatriz Noheda (UKrant)08 March 2024
New assistant professor in probability theory: Serte Donderwinkel16 February 2024
Darting around with a tiny brain12 February 2024
Beatriz Noheda interviewed by Sunny Bains for the EE Times Brains&Machines podcast15 January 2024
Erika Covi joins our team as assistant professor Cognitive Devices09 January 2024
Julian Koellermeier has been elected member of the Young Academy Groningen11 December 2023
University of Groningen to develop applications for SynSense’s Neuromorphic hardware08 November 2023
ERC Synergy Grant for Elisabetta Chicca - SWIMS project: Transforming IoT Sensory Systems for a Sustainable Future26 October 2023
New computing hardware needs a theoretical basis17 October 2023
Podcast with Elisabetta Chicca: On-Chip Learning is Missing Neuromorphic Building Block08 September 2023
"Roadmap on Ferroelectric Hafnia and Zirconia-based materials and devices" published30 August 2023
Millions for research on heritage and stress in young children14 July 2023
Wonderful and weird20 June 2023
New publication reporting for the first time the successful fabrication of resistive memory devices using quasi-2D tin–lead perovskite08 June 2023
Join our Team!! Vacant professor positions in "Innovative Computer Architectures" & "Computer Networks"08 May 2023
Nature Materials Perspective Article Online: "Lessons from hafnium dioxide-based ferroelectrics"04 May 2023
Beatriz Noheda co-organizes a symposium at the MRS 2023 Spring meeting in San Francisco10 April 2023
CogniGron Article Selected for the Outstanding Article, Impact Award for Original Research 2022!10 February 2023
CogniGron Article Chosen as Neuromorphic Computing and Engineering highlight of 202226 January 2023
New Publication by CogniGron on controllably influencing resistive switching19 January 2023
Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!24 December 2022
Artificial neural networks made from memristors for brain-inspired computing19 December 2022
Groningen contributes to major research initiative into energy-efficient information technology15 December 2022
Elisabetta Chicca Keynote speaker at ICECS 2022 and prominent role in Women in Circuits and Systems26 October 2022
Groningen will host "Brainspiration 2024"14 October 2022
Vacancy: New Position in Cognitive Devices - Apply now and join our mission06 October 2022
New publication on compact neuristors01 June 2022
NIAS fellowship for Prof. Dr. Davide Grossi25 May 2022
The best of two worlds19 May 2022
Prof. Davide Grossi won best paper award at the AAMAS (International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems)18 May 2022
Working towards personalized intelligent computers09 May 2022
ERC Advanced Grants for Maria Antonietta Loi and Bart van Wees26 April 2022
Jos Roerdink nominated by the UG to be awarded Royal Decoration26 April 2022
Best Poster Presentation Prize for Foelke Janssens at the MatNec22 Conference29 March 2022
Prof. Jasper Knoester Knight in the Order of the Netherlands Lion03 March 2022
Happy Holidays and all the best for 2022!22 December 2021
New publication on magnetic materials for adaptable electronics and brain-inspired computing18 December 2021
Lyes Khacef has received the first thesis prize from the STIC doctoral school d'Université Côte d’Azur!01 December 2021
Julie Grollier receives the Irène Joliot Curie Prize for Woman Scientist of the Year24 November 2021
Jan Rieck Receives an APL Materials Excellence in Research Award!24 November 2021
Vacancy Alert! Join our team: looking for a professor in Topological Data Analysis/ Stochastics Geometry &Topology/ Statastical Data Analysis22 November 2021
First CogniGron PhD thesis! Wytse Talsma succesfully defended.05 November 2021
New Publication: "New material could create ‘neurons’ and ‘synapses’ for new computers"18 May 2021
Building an Insect Brain on a Chip. Think Like a Bee!!20 April 2021
Cognigron work published in Science: "Oxygen migration enables ferroelectricity on nanoscale"15 April 2021
Publication News: Multiple Contributions to ERCIM News 125 - "Brain-inspired Computing"06 April 2021
New Journal and its first publication is by Herbert Jaeger - "Toward a generalized theory comprising digital, neuromorphic, and unconventional computing"25 March 2021
Apply Before 1 April 2021 and Join the Team. Looking for a Professor in Computational Mathematics23 March 2021
Season Greetings from CogniGron24 December 2020
Ubbo Emmius Fund of the University of Groningen receives large donation from alumnus14 December 2020
CogniGron is two years along the path towards ‘human’ computers07 December 2020
New Publication "ED-BioRob: A Neuromorphic Robotic Arm With FPGA-Based Infrastructure for Bio-Inspired Spiking Motor Controllers"30 November 2020
Combining incipient ferroelectrics and graphene leads to new insights into memristive devices20 November 2020
New Perspective "Progress and perspective on polymer templating of multifunctional oxide nanostructures"20 November 2020
Elisabetta Chicca new professor Bio-inspired Circuits & Systems12 October 2020
Ideal memcapacitors and meminductors violate the First Law of thermodynamics12 October 2020
New Publication "Synaptic Plasticity in Semiconducting Single‚ÄźWalled Carbon Nanotubes Transistors"09 October 2020
Science Perspective: "A Key Piece of the Ferroelectric Hafnia Puzzle"14 September 2020
CogniGron in the Ukrant: "We're one step closer to a brain computer"01 July 2020
CogniGron Annual Report 2018-2019: "CogniGron is up and running!"16 June 2020
Simple explanation suffices for conduction in nickelates11 June 2020
Apply now! Vacancy in "Theory of Computation" at Assistant, Associate or Full Professor level25 February 2020
Apply now! Vacancy in "Stochastics" at Assistant, Associate or Full Professor level25 February 2020
Pedestrians in Zuidhorn test the computer of the future18 February 2020
Wetenschappelijke proeftuin Westerkwartier in gebruik genomen11 February 2020
Apply Now! 15 PhD Positions Available (Deadline January 26)21 January 2020
New Publication: Magneto-Ionic Control of Spin Polarization in Multiferroic Tunnel Junctions17 December 2019
EU ITN granted to MANIC06 December 2019
FSE joins the Broadcom foundation PhD workshop in "Brain-Inspired Computing and Technologies"30 October 2019
Georgi Gaydadjiev has started in Groningen as professor in Innovative Computer Architectures22 October 2019
New microscope shows the atomic structure of materials in stunning detail18 September 2019
At the edge of chaos, powerful new electronics could be created03 September 2019
Herbert Jaeger, renowned expert on reservoir computing, starts in Groningen as professor in Computation in Cognitive Materials26 August 2019
Welcome Guanglian Li; Appointed Professor02 August 2019
Deadline May 20!! EMRS fall Meeting - "Novel Approaches for Neuromorphic Computing: Materials, Concepts and Devices"09 May 2019
Watch it now online: Niels Taatgen at the TechTalks05002 May 2019
CogniGron in the Ukrant01 May 2019
TechTalks050 will kick off with the world of brain-inspired computers21 March 2019
Register now!! 4th Groningen Spring School on Cognitive Modeling15 January 2019
Anouk Goossens receives Shell Award for researching building blocks of the electronic brain26 November 2018
"In de wetenschap" Podcast - Niels Taatgen about CogniGron and AI26 November 2018
New generation of smart computers inspired by our brains26 October 2018
Understanding the building blocks for an electronic brain22 October 2018
Prof. Bart van Wees appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion24 August 2018
A nice story about CogniGron in "AG Connect"08 August 2018
Open for Applications: 10 Professor Positions in Cognitive Systems and Materials08 June 2018
Professor Maria Antonietta Loi wins Physica Prize 201822 February 2018
Tamalika Banerjee: New metal-semiconductor interface for brain-inspired computing22 January 2018
Descartes-Huygens Prize for Manuel Bibes to start collaboration with the Center15 December 2017
NatureJobs Career Expo in Düsseldorf was a big succes22 November 2017
Ivan Schuller's Colloquium on Neuromorphic Computing attracts a full house02 November 2017
Center for Cognitive Systems and Materials mentioned in latest issue of 'New Scientist'02 August 2017