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EEF PhD Candidates

Name Research Project
Aguilar Loyo, Jhordano Return predictability in a panel data setting
Amon-Armah, Frederick

Causes and consequences of savings of smallholder farmers: applications to cocoa farming in Ghana

Annibali, Claudio tba
Chande, Zubeda Financial literacy and retirement planning: evidence and implications for pension reforms in Tanzania
Chen, Yu

Analyzing the impacts of behavioral interventions on promoting healthy food choices – Experimental evidence from China

Claassen, Bart Supply-side frictions in financial and non-linear dynamics in macro-finance
Comploj, Castor

How do public policies and malnutrition shape mental health?

Diannegara, Ariadi tba
Dongen, Lisa van

Essays on financial inclusion and women’s empowerment

Düringer, Markus

Green bonds: what drives companies to issue them?

Elayan, Saif A stepping-stone towards sustainable long-term care in Europe
Giesenow, Fred The political economy of central banking and financial crises: new evidence based on heterogeneous panels
Gilmore, Oisin The decline in working hours and the rise of leisure in Western Europe: 1900-1950
Greef, Tom de Efficiency of intermunicipal cooperation
Grohmann, Tobias International migration and inequality
Herrmann, Oliver Behavioral models of voter behavior
Hiddink, Wim-Paul

Strategic interactions in environmental economics

Huizinga, Anna

The effectiveness of macroeconomic policies in an age of secular stagnation

Jansen, Laura

Balancing employer and employee incentives: can the Dutch disability insurance system set a welfare maximizing example for other countries?

Katz, Matthijs Bail-ins, banking crises and macro-financial fragility
Langley, Madeline tba
Li, Wentao The effectiveness of mandatory corporate social responsibility regulation
Ligtenberg, Hans Reliable inference in case of many weak instrumental variables
Masciandaro, Carlotta

The distributional effects of climate policies and their mitigation

Montfoort, Floris van

Economic regulation of distribution network operators in decentralized renewable energy system

Muhamed, Tamool tba
Natris, Joes de The organizational capacity and autonomy of Dutch municipalities
Nelemans, Samuël

Inequality and financial markets: using idiosyncratic risk and habit formation to tackle the equity premium puzzle

Nieuwenhuis, Aukje

Unpacking the drivers of employment gender gaps: a focus on gender norms and individual preferences

Niewold, Jan The velvet revolution in financial reporting
Odding, Céline Interactions between economic behavior, economic background and health outcomes
Offerein, Jos Corporate tax avoidance: an enquiry into its causes and consequences
Oldeniel, Mark van Information processing and economic decision making
Rehman, Atiqa Determinants and consequences of corporate social performance: a comparison of family and non-family firms
Rekker, Lennard Economics of hydrogen markets
Schippers, Anouk Prosocial consumer behaviour in markets
Shui, Ailun

Early life conditions, socioeconomic status, and the health effects of Groningen earthquakes

Stangenberg, Lennart Individual actions and political measures to mitigate climate change: complements or substitutes?
Stein, Claire tba
Stoffers, Nanette The freemium model on online platforms
Swank, Lotte The role of media influence on polarization
Tan, Chang New techniques and models of estimating housing price dynamics
Tort, Anna tba
Tziolas, Ioanna Local spatial dependence and common factors in trade and economic development
Underwood, Amy Improving financial decision making by testing behavioural economic theory in a South African Bank
Vaart, Jeroen van der

Health inequalities, saving motives and the generosity of public insurance programs for the elderly

Voorintholt, Lieke

Altruism: to all and from who?

Vrooman, Arlinde The impact of colonial rule on health in Ghana and Cote d'Ivoire
Waal, Thalassa de

The stock exchange and economic growth – evidence from The Netherlands 1870-2000

Wakoya, Abdeta tba
Wang, Guanyang tba
Werleman, Stephanie

Monetary and financial policy in sub-national island jurisdictions

Wiersma, Jasmira Financial literacu - Modeling the determinants of financial behavior in the Carribean
Xie, Lina Public financial intermediaries and climate change
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