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Research Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen Blogs and Postcards
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CEASG - what's in a name..

Date:16 December 2014
Author:Tjalling Halbertsma

Launched in september 2013, the Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen abbreviates as CEASG. The G, for "Groningen" of course, was added to distinguish the centre from the many CEAS's already established at universities around the world.

Cake shop Korea with gold-cakes

Who wants to live forever: eating gold in Korea

Date:08 December 2014
Author:Tjalling Halbertsma

Food displays in Korea can be true works of art. Prospective diners are lured inside by life size dishes displayed at the restaurants shop window: fried noodles, bibimbap with a fried egg on top, fish soups, you name it, its all there. It looks so real...

Plastic-fantastic food: drill me a fried egg

Date:08 December 2014
Author:Tjalling Halbertsma

Having written here before about the plastic-fantastic food displays at restaurant windows, I decided to buy a set to display at the new Korea Corner of the Main Library.

Drilling food at Mirage-Replica

Plastic-fantastic food: drill me a fried egg

Date:08 December 2014
Author:Tjalling Halbertsma

Plastic-fantastic food: drill me a fried egg please.

APEC China


Date:27 November 2014
Author:Martin Uebele

In the first week of November 2014 I visited Beijing to present and discuss my project proposal for an NWO VIDI career grant. It is titled "Risk and the Great Divergence: Growth and stability in historical economic development," and rests on close...

Ikea Korea in the Korean Times

IKEA gets it wrong in Korea

Date:25 November 2014
Author:Tjalling Halbertsma

It must be your marketers worst nightmare. The opening of the first IKEA in Korea (the largest in the world, I read) drew already negative attention before the shop opened its doors and after all homework was done. Operating in different countries and...


AirMax (ON) by Testonics! (Why we urgently need Korean studies in Groningen)

Date:25 November 2014
Author:Tjalling Halbertsma

One of the delights of visiting Korea, apart from bibimbap of course, is that there is always something brand new to catch your attention. Something so novel it has not reached the outside world yet: an idea, a product or an entire city build on land...

Jeremy Raymond

Understanding East Asia using the ‘Subway Theory’

Date:20 October 2014
Author:Jeremy Raymond

The subway theory is something that I have used many times to help begin to explain the differences and similarities between the countries within East Asia. It normally starts off with somebody asking me “How was your trip in …. (insert East Asian...

Japanese Robots

5 Signs Japanese robots are taking over the world

Date:06 October 2014
Author:Roy de Vries

You probably have seen the movie I, Robot, where Will Smith is saving the world by fighting robots that outsmarted the human race. You also probably sat way too comfortable on your big couch, thinking these things only happen in movies. Well guess what,...

A modern day tributary system is far from distinctly Chinese

Date:05 October 2014
Author:Ricardo Berentsen

Having read a glimpse of When China Rules the World, the infamous book by author Martin Jacques, I was most struck by one of the eight tenets he describes, eight characteristics of China’s return to the global field. Jacques predicts that we might very...