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Research Centre for East Asian Studies Groningen Blogs and Postcards
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Silvia Cortés

An unexpected East Asian experience in Groningen

Date:04 November 2015

Silvia Cortés has won the MA Thesis Award East Asian Studies 2015 with her master's thesis "China's Public Diplomacy in Latin America". She was awarded because of the the quality of her research and writing and especially the contribution towards the much...

4th floor in elevator hotel Korea

1, 2, 3, F, 5 in Korea

Date:04 November 2015
Author:Tjalling Halbertsma

Most of us will be familiar with the strong meanings attached to numbers in East Asia. Indeed, the prize money for the MA Thesis Award in East Asian Studies in Groningen is EUR 888, referring to positive connotations attached to the number eight in Asia:...

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Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School

Date:24 September 2015
Author:Anna Krämer

Last summer, I participated in the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School (NAHSS). It was a life changing experience!
As an International Relations and International Organization (IRIO) student, I have a special interest in the rise of China within Asia,...


Peking University; as big as my home town

Date:16 September 2015
Author:Matthijs Verver (student Peking Summer School)

As big as my home town, more inhabitants, more facilities. That’s the campus of Peking University. People tell me approximately 10.000 people reside in these dorms, while I come from a Dutch town with nearly 7000 inhabitants. Here you can buy phones, go to...


China, a path to a global perspective

Date:20 August 2015
Author:Bart-Jan van der Sleen

Culture; the ideas, customs and social behaviour of a particular people or society. You can find different cultures within a village, a country and between the different continents and it’s impossible to say your own culture is best, because it is directly...


한식 Hansik: Food for Thought (Exhibit at Korea Corner)

Date:15 July 2015
Author:Tjalling Halbertsma

Plastic food replicas appear in the windows and display cases of restaurants and food stalls throughout Korea. Once made from wax, today they are usually made out of polyvinyl chloride plastic.


'One belt, one Road': de riskante weg?

Date:07 May 2015
Author:Sanne Kamerling

De traditionele Chinese filosofie van ‘De Weg’ (dào) krijgt in de Chinese hedendaagse context ineens een heel nieuwe betekenis. Het zeer omvangrijke implementatieplan van ‘One Belt, One Road’ (afgekort: OBOR) dat door Xi Jinping afgelopen maart op het Boao...

ARC 4 students' Forum

East Meets West: Asian and European Students Seeking 21st Century Solutions

Date:01 April 2015
Author:Lise Weerden

5440 Miles, 911 days, and a cultural difference apart from the third ASEM Rectors’ Conference (ARC3) host city, the ARC4 Students’ Forum took place in Hangzhou, China, on 23-24 March 2015. Hosted by Zhejiang University, ARC4 was co-organised by the...

Yantai University

Groningse campus in China: Er gaat niets boven Yantai

Date:27 March 2015
Author:Tabitha Speelman

Afgelopen woensdag ondertekende Mr. Sibrand Poppema, collegevoorzitter van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen in aanwezigheid van premier Rutte een overeenkomst met de China Agricultural University uit Beijing en de Chinese stad Yantai. De RUG wil in Yantai...

China Solar Industry

EU-China Trade Disputes

Date:19 February 2015
Author:Jochem de Kok

In recent years there has been an increase in high-profile trade defense cases between the EU and China, relating to key export products like solar panels, wines, polysilicon (a raw material used by the solar panel industry) and mobile telecommunication...