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Balanced Truncation for Dissipative and Symetric Nonlinear Systems

Thesis Tudor Ionescu
Thesis cover Tudor Ionescu
The doctoral thesis defence took place on the 7th of September 2009.


Model order reduction plays a major role in engineering as the complexity and the dimensions of the nonlinear mathematical models of dynamical systems keeps in increasing, making them more difficult to simulate, analyze and control. The main idea of model reduction is to find a lower order/ complexity mathematical model that approximates the original system. Nonlinaer balanced truncation is an attractive and systematic tool to obtain reduced order models, based on throwing away the dynamics corresponding to the low gain between past input and future output energy i.e. badly reachable and (or) badly observable dynamics The approximation preserves the stability of the original system. We propose a method that deals with the preservation of dissipativity properties of systems. A dissipative reduced model is obtained by throwing away the more or less dissipative dynamics of the full order model of the system.


J.M.A. Scherpen

PhD student

T. Ionescu



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