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Research Center for Language and Cognition

Linguistics Lunch 2021

Monthly on Thursday, 12.00-12.45:

Hosted on Google Meet
12.15 - 12.30: Presentation 1
12.30 - 12.45: Presentation 2


Speaker & Title of Presentation

28 January

Maria Mazzoli (Theoretical and Empirical Linguistics): "Language birth through contact: creoles and mixed languages"

Marita Everhard (Neurolinguistics & Language Development): "Focus processing in a cochlear implant simulation by non-native listeners"

19 February

Arianna Bisazza (Computational Linguistics): Modeling Language with Neural Networks: Can we Open the Black Box?

Aurélie Joubert (Theoretical and Empirical Linguistics): Correctness in a pluricentric and endangered language in France

25 March

Atilla Atasoy (IDEALAB): Acceptability judgments of naturalistic foci in Turkish

Mees Gelein (Computational Linguistics/ Theoretical and Empirical Linguistics): 'DeepMorpheus, using Deep Learning to morphologically parse classical languages'

15 April

Miguel Santin Schulz (Theoretical and Empirical Linguistics): "Beyond event results: Affectedness and telicity in the lexicalization of results across languages"

Floor van den Berg (Neurolinguistics & Language Development): "Investigating the potential of foreign language learning as an innovative healthy aging tool"

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