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Research Center for Language and Cognition (CLCG) Education

PhD programme

Within the UG, CLCG participates in the Graduate school for Humanities (GSH). Formally the GSH is responsible for recruiting and selecting graduate students, for assigning them to supervisors, and for monitoring their progress towards the PhD degree. Nevertheless, CLCG members are involved in all of these processes. The director of CLCG carries out the first year assessment interviews (Go-No Go interview) on behalf of the GSH.

CLCG is also affiliated with various research schools. Many CLCG PhD students participate in Groningen’s Research School of Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN), a local interdisciplinary research school that brings together research from five different faculties of the University of Groningen. Likewise, many of CLCG PhD students choose to participate in the national graduate school in linguistics, LOT (Landelijke Onderzoeksschool Taalwetenschap). One of the major tasks of BCN and LOT is offering training courses and summer/winter schools to PhD students. Various PhD students attend courses that are organized by BCN and LOT, while some senior CLCG researchers teach such courses.

We hope to continue to serve as an excellent training center for students interested in research careers. A list of CLCG PhD students, together with the source of funding for their project and the title of their project can be found on the CLCG website.

As PhD student you are also expected to join one of CLCG’s four Research Groups. As a group member you participate in reading groups, lecture series, conferences and workshops.  You are always welcome to participate in the organsiation of the these CLCG events.

PhD positions and guidelines for applications and an overview of funding programs may be found on the PhD positions pages of the Graduate School for the Humanities. ICOG also welcomes external PhDs who bring their own funding. They should similarly apply via the guidelines for external PhDs.

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