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Open positions within CLCG are always advertised on this website and are also always announced on LinguistList. Our closing date for applying for admission to graduate study (including fellowship application) is normally March 1 of each year. We regret that CLCG normally cannot answer unsolicited mail about positions. Individual CLCG members (see CLCG "Groups") in some cases will be able to offer advice about positions.

There are announcements for PhD student positions on the CLCG website, the website of The Graduate School for the Humanities and on LinguistList.

Ph.D. and M.A. students are also eligible for fellowships from the Eric Bleumink Fund

Open positions

Closed positions

  • Assistant Professor Information Science (1.0 FTE) (218025) (application before 28 February 2018)
  • PhD position in Linguistics on L2 acquisition of temporal relations, Graduate School for the Humanities (1.0 fte) (application before 18 October 2017)
  • PhD positions in Linguistics, Graduate School for the Humanities (4.0 fte) (B049-52217)
  • University Lecturer Information Science (1.0 fte) (application before: 10 April 2017)
  • Assistant Professor Neurolinguistics (1.0 fte) (application before: 31 March 2017)
  • PhD positions in Linguistics, Graduate School for the Humanities (4.0 fte) (application before: 15-08-2016)
  • Full Professor of Language & Society (1.0 fte) (application before: 21-06-2016)
  • Assistant Professor Psycholinguistics (0.9 - 1.0 fte) (215263) (application before: 16-10-2015)
  • PhD positions (1,8 fte) (215101-02) (application before: 1-5-2015)
  • PhD position Linguistics (0,9 fte) (214221) (application before: 15-9-2014)
  • PhD Computational Linguistics QT by Deep Language Engineering Approaches 0,9 fte (213188) (application before: 11-11-2013)

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