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Activity Highlights

  • 2 June 2022, together with the GSG: Screening of the movie "Avatara" by Nadav Harel and Arik Moran, including a conversation with the authors. More information & registration
  • 14 June 2022, together with the CRCG: Discussing and celebrating the new publication by Dr Renny Thomas, "Science and Religion in India: Beyond Disentchantment". More information

  • Winter School Doing Ethnographic Fieldwork, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, 7 March 2022.
  • 14.- 16.10.2021 Conference “Changing patterns of patronage across South Asia from early modern through colonial contexts” organized by the Institute of Indian Studies (Prof. E. Mucciarelli) with the Centre For Comparative Studies Of Civilisations, Jagellonian University (Prof. Cezary Galewicz) and Département Etudes orientales, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle (Prof. Nicolas Dejenne).
    Conference website
  • The Insight Development Grants from Canada Government (SSHRC) approved a 2 years grant for the project "Sanskrit Joking Cultures: Bringing Classical Indian Humor to Life Through Translation and Performance” of Prof. E. Mucciarelli and Prof. A. Sathaye (Dept. of Asian Studies, University of Vancouver).
  • NWO approved a major grant proposal (Free Competition) of Dr. P. Berger and Prof. R.T.J. Cappers, project title: Salvage Crops, “Savage” People: A comparative anthropological and archaeobotanical investigation of Millet Assemblages in India
    Link to public summary
    Link to article about hte research project
  • New book, co-edited by Peter Berger and Sarbeswar Sahoo from IIT Delhi, a strategic UG partner university: Godroads: Modalities of Conversion in India . Click here for a visual of the book cover and endorsements
  • Winter School Performing Religion: Theory and Practice, New Delhi, 17-21 February 2020.

The Institute of Indian Studies promotes a new approach to India's immaterial and material heritage that engages with its religious, linguistic and social diversity.
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