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Canada and the U.S.: Negotiating (Cultural) Differences and Canada's Cultural Mosaic: Diversity as Strength?

Semester 2, 2018-2019

Special Topics 1a (American Studies) Canada and the US: Negotiating (Cultural) Differences

In this course unit students are introduced to Canadian society from a historical and comparative perspective, focusing on transatlantic relationships with Europe as well as on the convergences and (cultural) differences between Canada and the U.S. By examining a variety of topics such as the connection between Francophone and Anglophone Canada and bilingualism, Free Trade Agreements, popular culture, media and national identity, representations of space and identity, federal and provincial politics in relation to Indigenous peoples, students will gain insight in the complexity of Canadian society and questions of identity, Canada's transatlantic allegiance, and its dynamic relationship with the U.S.

Special Topics 1b (American Studies) Canada's Cultural Mosaic: Diversity as Strength?

One of the most important elements of Canadian federal policy was the introduction of official multiculturalism in the 1970s. In 1988, the federal government passed the Canadian Multiculturalism Act. Central to this policy was the official recognition of the diverse cultures in a plural society. In understanding official multiculturalism in a broader context, it is necessary to first examine its basic values. This examination will be followed by a critical discussion of the situation of cultural and linguistic minorities within Canada, which will for example touch upon questions of liberal multiculturalism, multicultural theory and practices, postcolonialism, mixed race and so-called visible minorities. The course also includes a comparative perspective, examining immigration policies and issues of citizenship in Canada, Europe and the U.S. and discussing the Canadian mosaic in relation to the U.S. melting pot.

Both courses (5 ECTS each) are highly recommended as preparatory courses for students going on exchange to Canada. For more information, see Ocasys or email UG students can enrol for this course on Progress. Non-UG students should contact the Secretariat of European Languages and Cultures ( if they are interested in enrolling in these courses.

Please note that these courses are taught entirely in English.

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