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Interview with Emy Koopman on her documentary Paradise Canada

In 2020, Dutch author Emy Koopman travelled to Canada from Vancouver to Montreal to examine Canadian society and discuss the general stereotypical image of a safe and tolerant country, characterised by its friendly people and beautiful nature.

In a series of five episodes she examines urgent topics such as racism and gender equality, toxic masculinity, migration, climate change and the welfare state. She interviews famous Canadians such as Margaret Atwood, Jordan Peterson, and Charles Taylor.

You can watch the series on VPRO NPO start:

On April 23, 2021, students participating in the elective Canada’s Cultural Mosaic interviewed Emy Koopman and asked her about her experiences while preparing and making this documentary.

Kim Thuy
Laatst gewijzigd:26 april 2021 10:09