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Other Courses (B):

16 EC of the 30 required EC are earned by participation in other courses (B), Research related and Academic Activities (C).

B. Other Courses

Only courses that are relevant for your research should be chosen. PhD students are free to choose other courses than listed below, organised by the RUG or other universities.

1. Courses within the GSMS, courses organized by GSSE, GSH or GBSS. All RUG courses and the Career Perspectives Series courses can be found here.
2. University of Groningen introductory event
3. BCN Philosophy of Neuroscience
4. BCN Human Neuroanatomy
5. BCN Introductory fMRI course
6. BCN Advanced fMRI course "From Voxel to Networks"
7. BCN Functional Neuroscience: EEG Part
8. BCN Matlab for Neuroscientists Course
9. BCN Mathematics for Neuroscientists
10. BCN Advanced non(linear) regression techniques in R
11. Scientific Integrity for new PhD students
12. Research Data Managment Awareness workshop
13. Online courses

Also see: BCN Funding for courses and conferences

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