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About us Faculty of Law Organization Departments Private Law and Notary Law

General information

  • Chair: Prof. Dr. C.M.D.S. Pavillon
  • Secretary / In charge of education: P. Koerts, LLM
  • In charge of research: Dr. E.F. Verheul
  • In charge of finances: Mr. dr. M.R. Beuker

In its education and research, the department of Private Law and Notarial Law (PRNO) focuses on contract law, property law, civil procedural law and notarial law. The department includes full chairs in these jurisdictions, as well as the endowed chairs of agrarian law, health law, personal, family and juvenile law, religion and law, tenancy law, personal injury, and agreement and security.


The department provides education in all phases of the Bachelor's degree programme in Law and the Bachelor's degree programme in Notarial Law. The department is responsible for the Master's degree programme in Dutch Law (specialization Private Law), the Master's degree programme in Notarial Law and the LLM in International & Comparative Private Law. In addition, it contributes to other degree programmes within the faculty.


Research in the department is focused on the development of consistent and practical law. The background to this is the conviction that legal research must ultimately possibly result in relevant conclusions for those who apply or make the law. These conclusions may relate to the explanation of the law and the desirable directions in which this explanation should develop or, more specifically, to the identification, analysis and assessment of legal issues. The research is partly international and partly national. More information about research in the department can be found in the research programme.

Private law

Private law is included in all years of legal education. In the Bachelor’s degree programme, basic training is offered with an emphasis on issues relating to ownership, contract and liability. In addition to elaborating on these areas, the Master’s degree programme in Private Law also offers more depth in procedural law, private international law, personal, family and inheritance law and corporate law.

Offered classes

The choice in seminars, electives, internships and thesis topics offers you the opportunity to put your own accents. For example, you can opt for profiling yourself in the field of damage and liability, drafting and litigating contracts, working with financial and security bodies/issues as well as in the international aspects of private law, family law, procedural law or health law. For more information about the course units on offer, see Ocasys.


Many students aim for a legal profession. The private law course unit is a step towards the judiciary and the legal profession as well as excellent preparation for legal positions within companies, financial institutions such as banks and insurers and social institutions in, for example, healthcare and governments. Professional opportunities are as promising as ever. The programme offers excellent contacts with the professional field, including the judiciary and the legal profession (both urban and regional).

Notarial Law

The Notarial Institute Groningen (NIG) participates in numerous educational activities within and outside the University of Groningen (UG). Within the UG, the NIG provides the Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes in Notarial Law and parts of the English-taught Bachelor's degree programme in International and European Law, the Honours College and a number of tracks within the Master’s degree programme in Dutch Law. The Center for Notarial Law of Radboud University and the UG offer a joint Top Class of Notarial Law for excellent notarial students.

Practical education

In addition, post-graduate education as well as practical education is provided for Stichting Beroepsopleiding Notariaat (the Foundation of Vocational Notary Training), Grotius Academie, Koninklijke Notariële Beroepsorganisatie (the Royal Notary Association), the Association for Family Lawyers and Divorce Mediators, Van der Burgt Opleidingen and Hoog Management en Opleidingen.

For more information about the course units offered by the Notarial Law section, please visit Ocasys.

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