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MDMA State Committee, led by prof. Brigit Toebes, publishes first report

06 June 2024

Today, the report “Beyond Ecstasy” by the State Committee on MDMA was presented to outgoing Medical Care Minister Pia Dijkstra. In the report, the State Committee calls for larger-scale research into the use of MDMA in therapy for people suffering from severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

MDMA State Committee

The MDMA State Committee was established to examine the status of MDMA in the context of public health. The committee also advises on the pros and cons of medicinal use.

In addition to health law professor Brigit Toebes of our Faculty, the committee consists of Martha de Jonge, Eric Vermetten, Femke Gresnigt, Emile Kolthoff and Wim van den Brink. In addition, Philippus Zandstra, Ward de Kock and Bart Visser collaborated on the report.

Conclusions from the report

Regarding recreational use, the State Committee concludes that, compared to other drugs, MDMA is a relatively safe drug; long-term health damage is not too bad, according to the researchers, and the addiction rate is small. Still, the committee advises against legalizing MDMA because most of the Dutch XTC exports go abroad, where it is also illegal. Legalization would give producers free rein, and the committee argues that production should instead be controlled.

The NOS article on the report, in which Toebes, among others, talks about it, can be read via the link below:

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