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Michele Molè talks about Panoptiwork and its upcoming seminar on AI

30 October 2023
Michele Molè

At least one collaborative Panoptiwork event takes place every month. What exactly does that project entail and what is the overarching theme? We talked about it with Michele Molè , one of Panoptiwork's project coordinators.

Let's start with the most basic question: what is Panoptiwork?

Panoptiwork is a two-year collaboration between researchers from seven different faculties of the RUG. The name refers to Panopticon, the ideal structure that serves as a metaphor for a new algorithmic governance in the workplace.

What is this partnership’s purpose?

The goal of Panoptiwork is to bring together researchers and students from diverse backgrounds to gain new insights on the relationship between labor law and digitization. Digitization creates opportunities for innovation in labour processes human resource management. However, for this promising innovation to become a shared benefit for all, attention must be paid to power relations, working conditions and legal protection, among other things.

Who is part of Panoptiwork?

Researchers from the faculties of Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Economics and Business Administration, Law, Philosophy, Spatial Sciences and Science and Engineering work together. They are supported in their collaboration by a research assistant.

How is Panoptiwork funded?

Panoptiwork is funded from the University of Groningen, through YAG-SER Funding. The project runs for two years and a grant of 15,000 euros has been awarded for each of those years.

What is the link between Panoptiwork and the Jantina Tammes School?

The Jantina Tammes School focuses on digital society and AI. Since Panoptiwork also deals with those topics, that partnership falls under the wing of the JTS.

Last but not least: what does Panoptiwork have in store for us?

The Panoptiwork website regularly features blog posts on a variety of topics within the overarching theme of digital society. Monthly seminars are also organized, where researchers come to speak about developments within the Future of Work. At the end of next year, when the project comes to an end, a conference will be organized.

The next Panoptiworks lecture will take place on Monday 20 November 2023. Prof. Antonio A. Casilli will come to the House of Connections (Grote Markt 21) to talk about how AI fosters global inequality.

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