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Dr Romain Mauger receives NWO-XS grant to study degrowth and EU Energy Law

06 February 2023
Dr Romain Mauger

Dr Romain Mauger , Assistant Professor of Energy Law at the Faculty of Law, recently secured a grant from the NWO SSH Open Competition XS program. Mauger received the grant for his research on the barriers and drivers to a degrowth pathway in EU Energy Law.

In order to limit climate change, using much more energy from renewable sources is needed, but not sufficient. Energy consumption must steeply decrease too, especially in developed countries.

Dr Mauger’s project will question the legal framework governing energy production and use in the EU to identify the degrowth-compatible and the degrowth-blocking provisions. Focusing on the whole electricity chain, from production to final consumption, this research would thus allow pinpointing specific legal provisions that have to be expanded, amended or removed. This may facilitate future lawmakers’ action towards a carbon-neutral economy.

NWO SSH Open Competition XS program

The NWO SSH Open Competition XS program selects proposals for curiosity-driven, fundamental research in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH). The grant consists of €50,000 and will fund Dr Mauger’s research on the barriers and drivers to a degrowth pathway in EU Energy Law.

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