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Dr Michelle Bruijn appointed member of Young Academy Groningen

27 June 2023
Dr Michelle Bruijn

Michelle Bruijn , associate professor at the Faculty of Law at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, has been appointed a member of the Young Academy Groningen. She thereby joins a group of talented, enthusiastic and ambitious young researchers from the UG and the UMCG.

Research conducted by Michelle Bruijn

Michelle Bruijn received her PhD from the University of Groningen in 2021 for research on the closure of drug houses and the regulation of cannabis. She was recently appointed an associate professor at the Department of General Law Studies at the UG's Faculty of Law. In this role, she continues her research on the closure of drug houses, and the expansion of smoke-free zones, among other things.

An administrative report on the closure of drug houses was published last year, for which Bruijn collaborated with Michel Vols, Ralph Mennes and Jorine de Muijnck, on behalf of the WODC and the Research Programme Police and Science. One or her research reports has led to more than ninety Parliamentary questions and an adopted motion by the House of Representatives, which should lead to monitoring the consequences of such closures.

In addition, Bruijn is researching the international right to housing and the creation of a healthy and safe living environment. She was involved in an interdisciplinary research project that focused on the expansion of smoke-free zones. In 2022, Bruijn received the Ben Feringa Impact Award because of the societal impact of her research.

About the YAG

The Young Academy Groningen started in 2016. Since then, it works independently as an organization to create awareness about science and scholarship matters that are important to young researchers.

The YAG's mission includes encouraging collaboration between disciplines inside and outside the UG and finding new angles for connecting academia and society. In addition, the organization wants to ensure that young researchers have a greater say in university policy and that more is invested in their professional development.

Appointment term and benefits

Membership of the YAG is for a term of five years and is not renewable beyond that. Not only are members given the opportunity to make connections with young academics from other faculties, but they are also being prepared for membership of (inter)national academic boards and organizations.

The University of Groningen supports the YAG with a budget for the various projects, a budget per member and three PhD positions for interdisciplinary research. This budget allows members to fund various research projects.

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