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University Peace Days September 10 and 17 at Faculty of Law in Groningen

18 August 2015
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Innovative ideas about Peace and War is the theme of this year’s edition of the University Peace Days. Together with you, we will discuss about new pathways to peace and the influence of new developments on the field of war. Both nights we have gathered speakers from all around Europe to give short lectures on topics such as big data, or the future of a European Army Prepare for two exciting and intellectually stimulating nights in September!

The first night (September 10, 2015) focusses on innovative ideas about peace. In what way can our greater access to data help us to establish new ideas about peace? Should we focus on the individual to follow our own paths to peace?

On the second night (September 17, 2015) we look at innovative ideas about war. What impact did technology have on the battlefield? Who are the new players, and how should we respond to them? Has war changed since Clausewitz’s definition of it as the continuation of politics with different means?

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