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Elmar Nazirli

Elmar Nazirli (Photo: C.Brennan)
Elmar Nazirli (Photo: C.Brennan)

After graduating from my hometown university with a bachelor degree, I decided to do my master abroad. I had heard great things about the educational system in the Netherlands, in particular studying private international law. The wide list of study programmes offered by high ranked universities allows you to find exactly what you want to study. The structure, special features and comprehensiveness of the International Commercial Law LLM programme attracted me to the University of Groningen, and after careful consideration, with a very high motivation and with high expectations, I applied. I should say it was one of the most important decisions in my life during the last 5 years.

Groningen is a university city with a rich historical and cultural background in the north part of the Netherlands. If you look at the map of the Netherlands, you will assume that Groningen is a just small city in the northern part. However, that is not true.  Unforgettable memories and exciting experiences and challenges... these words come to my mind when I hear the name "Groningen". The city itself is very interesting, cozy, and very unique. To mention one particular fact, Groningen is the world’s bicycle capital - the most bicycle friendly city. The atmosphere in Groningen is very alive, vivid and full of fun. So what you can expect? Extremely kind, tolerant, open-minded and friendly Dutch people and a very safe, charming and unique city with a large population of students. Groningen is one of the youngest cities in Europe taking into account the fact that the population is about 200,000 with more than 50,000 students. This youth gives you an opportunity to exchange thoughts, experiences, cultures and ideologies with many international and Dutch students. I want to express my gratitude to all the academic and administrative staff of the university, especially to the staff members of the International Office of the Faculty of Law who have been extremely helpful and kind, and made me feel like home.

For sure, the International Commercial Law programme and the University of Groningen surpassed my expectations and I believe as a consequence my personal, academic and professional self-development will have an inevitable positive impact on becoming one of the successful and distinguished professional lawyers in private international law. To sum up, after my wonderful and unforgettable time in the Netherlands, and in particular Groningen, will be associated with the following words: Veni, Vici, Amavi…

Elmar Nazirli, Azerbaijan, LLM in International Commercial Law

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