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Modern multi-fuel power station at Eemshaven, in Groningen province.
Modern multi-fuel power station at Eemshaven, in Groningen province.

The energy sector is changing as a result of market liberalization and climate change concerns. The EU presents a typical example of this yet similar developments can be found in other parts of the world. This specialized Energy and Climate Law programme will present the main principles of energy market liberalization and how climate law affects the energy sector. The EU will often be used a case example, and some of the questions this programme examines will include:

  • How does EU law influence national laws when it comes to energy?
  • What did liberalization do for the energy sector? And did it change the relationship between the state and the energy industry?
  • Should energy companies be concerned with climate change?

The Energy and Climage Law LLM is a one year long, full-time programme. The language of instruction and examination in the programme is English.

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