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About us Faculty of Law International programmes LLM programmes 2024-2025 Energy and Climate Law

Energy and Climate Law

(Image: Solar and wind power offer options for sustainable, green energy)

This is a worldwide Top 10 Programme for Energy Law.

The energy sector and society at large are changing as a result of climate change concerns, technological innovation and digitalization. Our specialized Energy and Climate Law LLM programme presents the main legal principles of energy markets, clarifies the impact of new technologies on energy law, and explains how climate law affects the energy sector. The EU is often used as an example in comparison with other jurisdictions around the globe. Some of the questions this programme examines will include:

  • How does EU law influence national laws in relation to energy and climate change?
  • How does the EU compare to other jurisdictions in regulating energy and climate change?
  • What are the consequences of liberalization for the energy sector?
  • What is the impact of market-based instruments on climate action?
  • Which legal dilemmas result from new energy and climate technologies?
  • How should energy producers and consumers become climate-neutral?

To learn more about the programme, please have a look at the:

If you have any questions about studying in this programme, please fill out the information request form. We also offer a double degree option with George Washington University, in Washington, D.C. (USA), for applicants to this LLM programme. For those with previous law related studies, but not an LLB from a research University, we also offer a Pre-LLM programme. You can read more about my perspectives on this unique programme here, and we hope that you will join us for a successful and inspiring period of study!

Prof. Dr. Edwin Woerdman, Academic Director of the LLM in Energy and Climate Law
Prof. Dr. Edwin Woerdman, Academic Director of the LLM in Energy and Climate Law

The LLM Energy and Climate Law is registered under the LLM CROHO label Energy and Climate Law (66829).

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