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About us Faculty of Law International programmes LLB programme 2020-2021 Testimonials

Ivy Adusei

Ivy Adusei (Photo: C.Brennan)
Ivy Adusei (Photo: C.Brennan)

I have always wished to study law. I have also always wanted to be international; these two motivating factors are the main characteristics of the International and European Law LLB programme. I guess it is safe to say that these two factors fused into one programme fulfilled my dreams. There are many aspects pertaining to the content of the academic programme of the Faculty of Law that attracts me. Among others are the diverse nature of the students. This reflects in their contribution in class which I find very amazing. Another interesting aspect worth mentioning is the qualitative character of the literature being used in the courses. The careful selection of the literature throws more light on the lectures and the working groups and facilitates the understanding of the course content. In addition, the way it shapes our way of thinking is admirable. Furthermore, the passion and enthusiasm of the lecturers do not only make the courses interactive but also understandable.

Groningen is an international city. Living in such an environment meets my quest to be international. The people here are helpful, interactive and open; this makes it a warm place to live in, even though the weather can really be cold. Communication is also easy because everyone seems to understand and is willing to speak English. Moreover, it is very convenient to move around because institutions, organisations, shops and recreational facilities are easily accessible. The mere fact that Groningen is classified as an academic city in the Netherlands makes me feel good to be part of it. In tackling the question of how my experience here has helped prepare me for the future, I would say that in the first place, my way of thinking has drastically changed; I see things from different and broader perspective now. I am able to critically analyse issues around me, draw appropriate conclusions and make the right decisions all due to the nature of the course and the environment within which I live. I do not only think as a Ghanaian now, rather I think international.

Ivy Adusei, Ghana, LLB International and European Law

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