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Panel discussion: Global Health Governance, The Power of Law

When:Tu 26-03-2019 18:30 - 20:00
Where:Auditorium A2 | Maison de la Paix | Graduate Institute Geneva
panel discussion

There is growing awareness among international lawyers as well as health scholars and policy-makers about the influence of public health considerations on the design and implementation of multiple international legal regimes, from human rights to investment law and from international technical standards to environmental law. The role of health in international law (and vice versa) has taken center stage in its own right and as a central component of global governance discourse with a growing interest from scholars in various disciplines. At the same time, this field of study and practice is still unsettled and lacking coherence; talk of "global health law" as a distinct field of international law is contradicted by extreme fragmentation and conflicts or overlaps between legal regimes. There is a need for a holistic reflection both on the operation of specific international legal regimes as well as on general principles and concepts underlying the role of health in international law.

In this panel discussion, which also coincides with the publication of the first systematic overview of the role of health as a normative value in international law, four academic experts and contributors to the book will present their insights on their respective fields, their mutual interaction and reflect on the future research agenda for this complex and burgeoning field of scholarship.

Gian Luca Burci, Adjunct Professor of International Law, Graduate Institute

Brigit Toebes , Professor, Health Law in a Global Context, Groningen University


  • Contemporary Global Health Governance in a Normative Perspective
    Suerie Moon, Director of Research, Global Health Centre, Graduate Institute
  • The Fight against Infectious Diseases as the Core of Global Health Law
    Stefania Negri, Jean Monnet Chair in European Health, Environmental and Food Safety Law, University of Salerno
  • Global Health and the Human Rights Agenda
    Therese Murphy, Professor of Law and Director of the Health & Human rights Unit, Queen's University Belfast
  • The Economics Challenge: Health and International Trade Law
    Benn McGrady, Technical Officer (Legal), Department of Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases, WHO

For more information and registration, see the Graduate Institute website.