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Faculty Council RCS

One half of the members of the faculty council are employees, the other half are students, which have been elected respectively by and from the staff or the students of the faculty. The faculty council has the right to discuss the state of affairs of the faculty with the faculty board, to make proposals and to express opinions. Furthermore, the faculty council:

  • exercises the right of approval and the right of advice to the faculty board, which rights belong to the University Council if the matters in question concern faculty business and if the relevant competence also lies with the faculty board.
  • also has the right of approval with regard to the Faculty Regulations, and a substantial part of the Education and Examination Regulation.

The faculty board should give the employees section of the faculty council the opportunity to give advice and to discuss proposed measures concerning:

  • the way work and employment conditions in the faculty are applied,
  • the way in which the general personnel policy in the faculty is applied,
  • matters relating to safety, health and welfare in connection with work in the faculty,
  • the organisation and working methods within the 30 faculty,
  • the technical and economic work performance in the faculty.

If the faculty board is formally authorized to take certain measures independently, the employees’ section within the faculty council has the right of approval.


Staff members:

  • Mathilde van Dijk (chair)
  • Anja Visser-Nieraeth
  • Arjen Bakker
  • Sven Gins
  • Kimberley Fowler

Student members:

  • Austin Brewin (vice-chair)
  • Jan Pieter de Vries
  • Claudia van Hoek
  • Thijs van den Berg
  • Juho Kareinen

Contact information

The email address of the Faculty Council (FR) for both students and staff unit is: facultycouncil.rcs

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