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Research Master student Lucy Spoliar wins GUF-100 prize

03 July 2020
Lucy Spoliar
Lucy Spoliar

Every year, talented students and researchers from the University of Groningen are honoured during the Summer Ceremony at the end of the academic year. The GUF-100 prize is awarded annually to the most excellent student from each faculty, after a careful selection procedure at both the faculty and university level. The prize consists of a scholarship of €2500 for study or research. Lucy Spoliar will be awarded this prize on behalf of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies during the Summer Ceremony on Friday 3 July 2020.

‘Lucy has proven her development and excellence’

After starting the one-year Master's in Theology and Religious Studies, Lucy Spoliar switched to the Research Master's Religion and Culture. She previously completed the Bachelor's in Theology with International Studies at the University of Durham (England) with a First Class Honours degree. The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of the University of Groningen elected Lucy for the GUF-100 prize 2020 because, ‘She has proven her development and excellence on a personal level (she is eager to learn and has a clear goal in obtaining a PhD position as well as a place in academia, taking steps outside of her comfort zone in doing so), as well as on a study level (besides and because of her study she is involved in various presentations at international congresses, on which she publicizes) and social level (she is involved in the faculty community as a Master ambassador and she is responsible for drawing up the “student chapter” for the self-evaluation report for the Research master). As mentioned, Lucy has given various presentations at various – including international – conferences and she published various publications. In addition, she was involved as a student assistant in the organization of the Summer School and the conference Religion and the urban, natural and virtual environments and in supporting teachers in both teaching and research.’

‘Enjoying what I'm doing helps me to do well’

Lucy Spoliar says she is delighted that she will be awarded this prize: ‘It is a huge confidence boost, and it's great to feel like my hard work has really paid off. My family and friends are also very excited and proud, which is super important to me.’ She finds it hard to say why she won the prize (well, she won’t be after reading the Faculty’s recommendation above…) and comments: ‘I have been very committed to my studies and taking as many opportunities as possible to learn and grow from my time studying at the University of Groningen. I have also been happy and fulfilled in my studies here, and I think enjoying what I'm doing helps me to do well.’

Future plans

‘I chose to come to Groningen for my Master’s because I heard nothing but good things about the university and the city and because the programme that was offered here (Religion, Conflict and Globalization) seemed to fit my interests so well. Funnily enough, my research has developed in a different direction since then, focusing more on gender and media representation. My (near) future plans are to apply for a PhD, hopefully remaining in the Netherlands (maybe even in Groningen!), where I can develop my thesis research topic into a bigger research project, looking at representations of religious women in film/TV comedy and everyday life through the lens of humour/satire. I'd also love to get more teaching experience, so I'll be looking out for teaching positions, and I really enjoy editing and helping people develop their research, so I'll be looking for ways to collaborate on other research projects,’ Lucy adds.

GUF-100 prize

The GUF-100 prizes for excellent students were first awarded in 1993 on the occasion of the 100th birthday of the Groningen University Fund (GUF). In 2019 our student Jorrit Haarman received the prize on behalf of the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies. Lucy Spoliar will receive her prize during the Summer Ceremony on Friday 3 July 2020. Our warmest congratulations, Lucy!

When: Friday 3 July 2020
Starts: 13:45

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