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National Science Weekend at ThRS

19 September 2022

On Saturday October 1, the faculty will open its doors for an afternoon with and about science! Everyone who is interested, from young to old, is welcome to experience how to research religions between 12 and 5 pm, discover what our building (the old courthouse of the city) looks like and to participate in the engage in religious studies and theology.

A selection of the activities that will take place in our building this afternoon:

Sven's Wild World

Explore our building! We have hidden special animals that people believed existed. Can you match the descriptions of the animals to the pictures and find all the animals? In the Middle Ages, animals that had committed a 'crime' were criminally prosecuted or even excommunicated. Can you link the punishment and the crime?

Become an anthropologist and observe the other visitors

Dive into the role of an anthropologist! Use the 'observation' research method and observe the behavior of the other visitors. What conclusions can you draw from this? You can also get started with your own lifeline and learn how to conduct an anthropological research conversation.

Make history!

The Dead Sea Scrolls comprise a collection of manuscripts of more than 900 documents, written in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Learn more about the texts on the Dead Sea Scrolls and participate in the Weekend of the Science-Dead Sea Scroll that we will be making on October 1. Would that later also become such a famous document?

Making secret codes with ancient alphabets

Hebrew, Ancient Greek and Egyptian Hieroglyphics used to be very important alphabets. Learn how to write your name (or hidden messages) in these alphabets and discover what 'ordinary' people actually wanted to write in 500 BC. And what was it actually written on?

  • What? Weekend of Science
  • When? Saturday 1 October, 12.00-17.00 o'clock
  • Where? Old Boteringestraat 38
  • To ask? Please contact Karen de Bot at
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