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Learn a language fast in a summer course!

New this summer: Conversational Italian courses
26 April 2022
Summer courses

Do you want to learn a language quickly? Then consider an intensive summer course at the Language Centre! Over the course of two or three weeks, you will be completely immersed in the language. This summer, you can choose from courses in English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, French, Arabic and German.

The Conversational Italian courses are new this summer. Whether you want to chat with your in-laws more easily or get a better grasp on the languages for your work or studies, a conversational course could be just what you are looking for.

Our summer courses

English - start 27 June & 8 August: intermediate and advanced levels.
Dutch - multiple starting dates and multiple levels
Italian - start 27 June: conversational course at intermediate level A2/B1
Spanish - start 27 June: beginners' course 0>A1, start 8 August: beginners' course A1>A2
French - start 27 June: beginner (A1) up to advanced (B2)
Courses of the Institut français des Pays-Bas
Arabic - start 28 June: beginners' course 0>pre A1 (online course)
German - start 8 August: pre-intermediate level A2>A2/B1
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