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TOP-PUNT Grant for Poolman

17 September 2014

The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research ( NWO ) has awarded Prof. Bert Poolman a TOP-PUNT grant of EUR 2 million. In collaboration with Prof. Wilhelm Huck of the University of Nijmegen and Prof. Cees Dekker of the University of Delft, he will start research on complex enzymatic networks for the bottom-up construction of a synthetic cell. In total six PhD students and two post docs will be appointed. Poolman, head of the Membrane Enzymology group at the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute ( GBB ), will receive about EUR 900,000 for his part in this new five-year research project.

TOP-PUNT grants are for small teams of full professors appointed at chemical centers of excellence, to jointly set up or strengthen innovative lines of research. Out of the eleven applications for a TOP-PUNT grant, four were granted by NWO.

Last modified:10 February 2017 3.01 p.m.

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