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Increase in municipal housing costs the smallest ever

27 March 2014

At 0.9 percent, the latest increase in municipal housing costs is less than has ever been measured before, and also less than the current inflation levels. Although the immovable property tax amount has increased more than was agreed, the average waste collection levy has decreased and the sewerage charges have never increased as little as they now have. These conclusions can be drawn from the Atlas van de Lokale Lasten [Atlas of Local Levies] presented by COELO today. COELO (the Centre for Research on Local Government Economics) is a research institute linked to the University of Groningen.

The municipal housing costs for home owners consist of immovable property tax, waste collection levy and sewerage charges. At EUR 514, Bunschoten is the cheapest municipality, whereas the citizens of Wassenaar pay the highest taxes at EUR 1,183. An average two-person household this year pays EUR 704 to their municipality, which is 0.9 percent (EUR 6) more than last year. This is the third consecutive year that the increase in municipal housing costs has been lower than the inflation rate. This rate is currently at 1.5 percent. This limited increase in municipal housing costs is mainly due to the fact that the largest component, the waste collection levy, is decreasing rather than increasing. The increase in sewerage charges is also lower than ever, as can be seen in the graph below.
Graph: Increase in waste collection levy and sewerage charges per multi-person household (%)
Graph: Increase in waste collection levy and sewerage charges per multi-person household (%)

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Contact: Corine Hoeben, Maarten Allers

  • M.A. Allers, C. Hoeben, L. Janzen, M. van Gelder, J. B. Geertsema, en J. Veenstra, Atlas van de lokale lasten 2014, Monitor van de ontwikkeling van de lokale lasten op macro- en microniveau. COELO, Groningen, ISBN 978 90 76276 89 2.
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