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Honorary doctorate prof. José Casanova

02 July 2013
Prof.dr. Casanova
Prof.dr. Casanova

The honorary doctorate proposed by the Faculty of Theology & Religious Studies will be awarded to José Casanova (1951), Georgetown University (Washington, DC), Department of Sociology, Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs.

José Casanova is one of the world's most prominent scholars in the sociology of religion, with a special interest in the contemporary period and the relation between religion, secularism, and processes of globalization.

> Read his blogs on secularism, religion and the public sphere.

The profile of the Groningen Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies centres on the intertwining of religion and culture. Professor Casanova’s work is an important point of reference across the faculty. A particularly close match of research interests exists with two of the faculty’s departments:

The joint work of the department centres on the theme ‘Religion on the Ground: Practices and Discourses in Social Transformation’ with a focus on the concrete, lived, and socially embedded aspects of religion. It investigates how religion is co-constitutive to creating individual and collective identities and practices.

The thrust of the department’s work can be summed up by the slogan Christian Tradition and the (Post)Secular—analysing the impact of the Christian intellectual tradition in the past and aiming at new ‘postsecular’ historiographies geared to theorizing the presence and continuing formative power of Christianity in Western/European society.
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