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Construction of Grid Cluster

31 August 2011

Last Tuesday (August 30) a new Grid Cluster has arrived. This cluster will replace the almost 5 years old hardware of the current Grid cluster. The cluster is provided by HP and purchased through a grant from Big Grid .

The cluster consists of the following components:
- 58 computing nodes, each with 16 cores and 64GB of memory.
- 5 service nodes for installation and management and running of the Grid services.
- 4 nodes that will deliver data at 80 Gbit/s to the storage area of Target.

All the nodes are linked together using 10 Gbit/s Ethernet.

The cluster will be used for applications of LOFAR, Target, astronomy, life sciences, recognition of handwritten texts, the Panda project from KVI, life sciences and other applications from Big Grid.

The coming weeks HP will work on building and testing the cluster hardware. After acceptance by the CIT it will be configured as a working Grid cluster.

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