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Open Day 12 December 2007

Centre for High Performance Computing & Visualisation
12 December 2007
Molecular Visualisation in the Reality Cube
Molecular visualisation in the Reality Cube

The University of Groningen offers the research community advanced computer facilities along with visualization and virtual reality facilities to display results.

During the Open Day, the advantages and the challenges of these computational facilities will be presented in short, light-hearted talks by users of the systems.

In addition, there will be a continuous demonstration programme in the Reality Centre, showing the visual work of a series of scientists and designers. You can also take a tour around the computer facilities.

We are delighted to invite you to attend our Open Day and we hope that you will be encouraged to start using these facilities.

Attending the Open Day

If you plan to attend our Open Day, please help us plan our catering needs by sending us an e-mail.


Donald Smits Lecturing Room
Zernikeborg, ground floor
Nettelbosje 1, Groningen.



Morning Session: High Performance Computing
10:00 Opening address

Prof. K. Duppen
(CvB member and former director of the Rekencentrum)

10:20 Large Scale Computational Fluid Dynamics Models

Dr R.W.C.P Verstappen
(Institute of Mathematics & Computing Science)

10:40 Lofar: a challenge in all aspects of IT

Dr A. Meijster
(Centre for High Performance Computing & Visualisation)

11:00 Nanophotonics and Tera-scale computing: a colourful world

Prof. H.A. de Raedt
(Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials)




Coffee Break


11:40 European Grid Computing (EGEE)

Dr F. Dijkstra
(Centre for High Performance Computing & Visualisation)

12:00 The Information Universe

Prof. E.A. Valentijn
(Kapteyn Astronomical Institiute)

12:20 Googling in Historical Manuscripts

Prof. L.R.B. Schomaker
(Artificial Intelligence)




Lunch Break


Afternoon Session: High Performance Visualization

13:20 Recreating Van Giffen's Excavation in 3D

M. Kragtwijk
(Centre for High Performance Computing & Visualisation)

13:40 Human Movements in Virtual Reality

Prof. E. Otten
(Medical Physiology)

14:00 Do Virtual Worlds Create Better Real Worlds?

Dr M.P. Mobach
(Economics and Business)

14:20 Visualization Zernikecomplex

H. J. van Uitert
 (RUG Real Estate)




Tea Break


15:00 Environmental Psychology and Virtual Reality

R. Pals

15:20 Computer Graphics and Interaction

Dr T. Isenberg
(Institute of Mathematics & Computing Science)

15:40 3D Volume Analysis and Visualisation: a Connected Approach

Dr M.H.F. Wilkinson
(Institute of Mathematics & Computing Science)

16:00 Visualisation in Hyperspace

Dr R.M. Scheek
(NMR Group, Department of Biophysical Chemistry) 

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