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About usFaculty of Behavioural and Social SciencesPsychologyDeveloping socially responsible innovations: The role of values and moral emotions

Members of research team

Linda Steg
Linda Steg

Prof. dr. Linda Steg
University of Goningen
(main applicant)

Linda Steg is a professor in environmental psychology at the University of Groningen.
Her research aims at understanding how values and moral considerations affect environmental (and more generally moral) behaviour, and how the effects of values and moral considerations on behaviour depend on contextual factors. Also, she studies strategies and conditions for behaviour change, the effectiveness and acceptability of environmental policies, and individual and contextual factors promoting a sustainable energy transition.

Sabine Roeser
Sabine Roeser

Prof. dr. Sabine Roeser
Delft University of Technology (co-applicant)

Sabine Roeser is Professor of Ethics at TU Delft where she is also the head of the Ethics and Philosophy of Technology Section. Her research covers theoretical, foundational topics concerning the nature of moral knowledge, intuitions, emotions and evaluative aspects of risk, but also urgent and hotly debated public issues on which her theoretical research can shed new light, such as nuclear energy, climate change and public health issues.

Nadja Contzen
Nadja Contzen

Dr. Nadja Contzen
University of Groningen (post-doc researcher)

Nadja Contzen is a post-doc researcher in environmental psychology at the University of Groningen. Her previous research focused on behaviour change in water, sanitation and hygiene in developing countries. Together with non-governmental organizations she developed and tested handwashing promotions in Ethiopia. Now, she investigates the acceptability of innovations in various sectors, particularly focusing on the interplay of emotions and moral reasoning.

Goda Perlaviciute
Goda Perlaviciute

Dr. Goda Perlaviciute
University of Groningen (assistant professor)

Goda Perlaviciute is an assistant professor in environmental psychology at the University of Groningen. She does research on public acceptability of various energy developments, particularly focusing on the role of people’s values. She is interested in how people’s values can colour their evaluations of proposed (new) developments on many different aspects.

Previous members of research team:

Dr. ir. Nicole Huijts
Eindhoven University of Technology

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