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Methodology Shop

The Methodology Shop operates online!

Are you having statistical or methodological issues? Then you are at the right place. The Methodology Shop is a free advisory bureau dedicated to support students and staff members from the University of Groningen with methodological or statistical questions regarding (social) scientific research. We are available online every week to answer your questions.

We currently offer an online, appointment-based service.
In the summer we are available 2 days per week (on average); we are closed in the first two weeks of August.

Asking for advice

There are two ways to ask for advice from the Methodology Shop:

In both cases, we expect you to have investigated the matter as much as possible. Please also have a look at this short guide if you struggle with getting started with your analysis.

Consultation slots are 15min long. If you have a question about basic methods (e.g. t-test, ANOVA or linear regression) booking one slot is sufficient. If you would like to ask questions about more complex methods or show your data by sharing your screen, please book two slots.
In case you experience any difficulties with booking an appointment send a mail to Please do not use this mail for your statistical questions.

All our student assistants are familiar with relatively simple techniques such as basic non-parametric tests, an(c)ova, regression analysis, reliability analysis and programs such as SPSS and G*Power. However, not all our employees are able to help with more advanced topics such as Manova, Multilevel analysis, Factor analysis or if you are using specific programs such as R (studio) or MLwiN. Hence, you can look up which advanced subjects our employees are specialized in and find out when we are able to support you.

Because the Methodology Shop is a service of the Behavioural and Social Sciences faculty, BSS students will receive precedence over students from other faculties.

Last modified:27 June 2022 10.47 a.m.